About Us

Early Learning Family Day Care:

Early Learning Family Day Care is a fully accredited home based support service to many families and care providers across Melbourne’s Metropolitan area. The staff and management team are early childhood Educators with over 20 years experience. Early Learning Family Day Care scheme offers professional advice and support to all families and home based carers.

Early Learning FDC Training:

Early Learning FDC offers professional training and support to all registered care providers – all courses are nationally recognised. Care providers also have the opportunity to attend our free workshops that promote child development and educational ideas for children. Additionally, Care providers are supported with accreditation (QIAS) and maintaining high quality care and continual improvement

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Courses offered:


¨        Certificate III in Children’s Services

¨        Diploma in Children’s Services

¨        Advanced Diploma in children’s Services

¨        Certificate IV in assessment and training -Children’s services

¨        First Aid, CPR training Anaphylaxis training, Child protection, Food safety ,Asthma training, Sun smart training

Early Learning FDC Resources / Facilities

Families and Care providers registered with the scheme have access to our toy library and library resource centre:

¨        Over 100 educational resources books

¨        Over 50 educational videos and c’ds

¨        Over 100 educational resources for children’s holiday programs

¨         Free Educational posters, cd’s, dvd’s and stickers for children

Our philosophy

We as a team support the belief that children will gain knowledge and understanding of the world we live in; through children exploring their environments and by an educational framework that encourages and facilitates children’s safety, comforts, sense of self- achievement and belonging. Our educational framework is based upon the belief that it is through play and children’s natural curiosity to explore and experiment, to which skills are achieved at individual levels, in conjunction with the Victorian Early Years Frame Work. Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential, through allowing children opportunities to explore their strengths and gain confidence. We believe that children have the abilities to construct and direct their learning which is assisted by early childhood professionals. Early Learning Family Day Care intends to provide an enjoyable and challenging environment where children, families and care providers are included in the learning process. We acknowledge that each child is part of a family that includes adults and children who have significant relationships with the child; recognising that family is the primary caregiver and parents, the child’s first educator.

Our aim is to work in partnership with families and care providers to complement the role of the child’s family, creating an environment which is positive and caring where children can learn and feel reassurance. Early Learning FDC intends to provide a home- away from home environment which stimulates, inspires children’s natural curiosity and delight. We support and value diversity within the Australian society.Parents, friends and the wider community are an integral part of a child’s environment. Providing children with exposure to different cultures, music or arts; we believe facilitates the progression of a child’s perception; of an integrated society of multiculturalism and equality. The network of parents and families provides children with learning opportunities of knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. Parents are children’s first educators; therefore as early childhood professionals, we are able to work in collaboration with parents and care providers as co-educators